2 Party System

When asking a fellow American “What political party do you side with?” You get either Democrat or Republican as an answer. However, there are many other parties that those some Americans most likely can not even name. We in America are brainwashed to believe that politicians from either of these parties will help us. But recent history shows that be untrue. When someone comes out and claims to be “anti-establishment” but continues to vote for aforementioned parties, it kills me. You are part of the problem. Personally, I describe myself as an independent. Not because I am a part of the party, but because I do not like the idea of parties & labels. Forcing the people to choose between two total opposites creates more division than any other social/political/economic issue. Our founding fathers warned us of this very situation. I encourage everyone to rethink who they align with. If you’re republican, research the libertarians. If you’re a democrat research the Green Party. The amount of money flowing through those two parties is absurd and it needs to be stopped. Bernie and Trump may be trying their best to reform their respective party’s image but is it for the better? Extreme right-wing v. Extreme left-wing. If you agree with either, that’s fine! I respect their anti-establishment views but that’s mainly it. I do identify as a liberal, but not sure about socialism; I’m however very against the extremist views of Mr. Trump. My main point here is for us as Americans to wake up to the fact that our politicians are bought and paid for and we need major restricting. 


One thought on “2 Party System

  1. Both sides annoy me, and at this point, I don’t know which side is worse. I find myself criticizing my fellow liberals just as much as conservatives. We could use a little more socialism, but not to the excessive degree that a lot of other liberals want. I’m not a supporter of $15 an hour, but I do support free college tuition, except for the wealthy.

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