Living the Life of A Loner

I’m 21 years old, and it wasn’t until I was about 18 when I really came into being as social as I am today. I still am not one to talk aloud in class. Or be the life of the party. Hell, I hardly like parties. I am not always capable of holding a long conversation(mostly because I care not to). I have a small group of great friends while most people have a large group of mediocre friends. I was never the cool kid, always the one to sit in the back of the class. But is all of this so bad?

I’ve made it this far being antisocial. Most people see being a loner as a psychological illness. You tell a conservative reporter on Fox News the shooter of a college campus was a loner and that’s pretty much equivalent to sociopath. The truth of the matter is this: I love it. I love keeping to myself. I love having a smaller group of friends and I love that I don’t have many social occasions to attend because of it. Gives me more time to read or listen to Louis C.K. specials or jerk off. Anything but socialize. I’m willing to bet damn near all of the smallest people in history would charactize themselves as being more of a loner. How else would create electricity or solve E=Mc2? Loners tend to be more observant folks and devote time to activities such as reading or studying rather than getting hammered at some stupid dance club. We have our interests just like everyone else, so what if we spend more time involved in them? Granted, occassionally we produce a guy who calls himself Joker & kills multitudes of people… But you gotta take some bad with the good I guess.

Today’s world is an era of human history that creates the perfect environment for societal detachment, while also being the most in touch with society. The presence of social media provides a platform for recluses to thrive socially without in-person interaction.

There’s one question you have to ask yourself to know whether or not you’re a stoner: how excited do you get when your friends cancel plans at the last minute? If you answered “dear God I love that,” chances are you’re a loner. But that’s okay! Don’t let anyone tell you’re “different” or that you need to get out more. Do what makes you happy, regardless of what others think. The loner lifestyle is the lifestyle of geniuses, so own up to it. Cancel your plans, take your pants/bra/everything off, get a good book/movie & just fucking do nothing. And love it. Life is nothing but a ride and don’t let anyone else control the pace, tempo, or direction. Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Living the Life of A Loner

  1. The piece is like a effort to sum up all the unison that loners want to say. Like I being a loner can relate to “how excited do you get when your friends cancel plans at the last minute?” ’cause often the loneliness get so over me that I dance when this cancellation event happen.

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  2. Nice, post and I feel for you. You might actually have Schizoid Personality Disorder (I don’t say suffer from because I have it and definitely don’t suffer). The older I get the less I’m interested in being around most people, so regardless of what others around you say don’t take it badly.

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      1. Yeah, it’s not something that many people have but pretty much is a disorder where you really, really prefer to be alone. It isn’t social anxiety as you can fully function around people but you don’t need social interaction as most people do.

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