P.C. Culture: Embrace it or Reject it?

Today’s world is a diverse world. A world of many cultures and beliefs. A world where a simple google search can introduce you to the entire world. We live in a world where everything we do say is recorded and saved. Some people express wrong ideas, others express only the right ones. Whether or not a post online or a joke made on tv is right or wrong is up to your own interpretation. Regardless, there is a large population of the world that would admit our culture today takes offense too easily to certain ideas. 

When a joke is made or a different idea is expressed, it is bound to offend someone and that has always been the truth. However, today’s society gives the citizens a platform from where we can say anything we want behind a computer screen. In my opinion, this is a great breakthrough for free speech. Where TV and radio were so censored and the only way to hear any top notch cursing was HBO or your local bar, the internet has changed that. Now, back to the nay-sayers. 

As aforementioned this new advent of the internet and social media means everything is highlighted for the entire world. This attracts supporters and those who will verbally castrate you. If a joke is made about a race, creed, your age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. the one who made it (along with those who enjoyed) are labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot, etc. This phenomenon is referred to as P.C. Culture. A culture in which jokes can not be taken, but if you make the wrong one your job will. Now believe me, I’d be the first one to chastise someone for making a comment that was of poor taste. But we have gotten to the point the criticism of Islam or just bringing of radicals will get you labeled as racist(see Bill Maher v. Ben Affleck). Where did this come from? 

Political correctness can be blamed on liberals and their affiliation with most of the MSM. Now let me make it very clear I am very liberal and FAR from being conservative, but we have got to stop writing every conservative off as racist or homophobic. Let’s create a scenario: Ben Shapiro comes on CNN to discuss BLM, gives his opinion in a calm articulate manner & ends with saying he doesn’t support the movement. Instead of liberals simply debating or refuting his comments, they send death threats, call for his firing, troll him on social media and ultimately show they have no knowledge. Without being open minded, you are not intelligent. I beg everyone who embraces political correctness to be more open to other opinions and simply listen. Stay vigilant to real racism and major liberal causes and realize that P.C. is an infringement on our free speech. Speak your mind, and let others speak their own. Stay viligant, and stay tuned. 


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