Narcotic Escape

Life is hard, especially for yourself

Death is easy, for everyone but yourself

Everyone has problems but nothing like your own 

Your mind is a prison and you don’t have the key

Your wife and kids are present, but really you’re alone

You had more than a house, you formed a home

You had the happiness of a family throne 

Outweighed by depression, your family second

No one else could understand your plight 
The mirror reflect no resemblance in sight

A crack rock seemed to make it all right

Run ins with the law made it hard to sleep at night 

Your wife, my mother in constant fright 

What were we do, what were we to say? 

Your monthly check was the only way

You relied too much on narcotic escape

16 was my age when we broke away

I had no idea of what was at play 

Divorce for you was the ultimate pain 

Drowning your sorrows in the bottom of a bottle 

No alcohol for you, no over the counter

Through all these years of constant battle

I still acknowledge that you’re my father

I won’t understand the rush from narcotics

I knew too well just how you got there 

I knew you are not psychotic

Just a man who never quite got it

Now you’re a man who simply had it and lost it. 


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