War on MSM

There is a war on the media in the United States today. A war that frankly, the mainstream media appears to be losing. While I am not proclaiming that the mainstream media elite is going down anytime soon, their credibility is falling. I mean, who you can you trust?  Fox news is conservative propaganda pulling for the republican party. MSNBC is liberal propaganda pulling for the democrats. then there is CNN which pretends to be moderate, but I think we all know which way they lean.  Now personally, I would say I lean socially liberal, fiscally conservative and libertarian in regards to government involvement. What the fuck should I watch? The answer is everything. Never get your news from one source, despite what your party affiliation is. In today’s world of “fake news” no one should trust anything they hear and should realize the extreme differences in opinions between the news networks representing the two leading political ideologies.  Turn on Fox news you’ll  believe that there is war on Christmas, Muslims are coming to bomb everything around you, Mexicans are jumping the border like a triple jump, Hillary is the head of a pizza eating child molesting ring, and white males are the most oppressed people in the world. Turn on MSNBC and they’ll have you believe that every immigrant coming here wants to be your friend, every Muslim is peaceful, Donald Trump wears a pointed hood in the oval office, and white people are the devil and they’re all racist.  Granted I dislike both news networks due to the fact they are so divisive, but I still watch them. As should you. Watch Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, Al-Jazeera, BBC, etc. Hell, you should even listen to Alex Jones give his theory on intergalactic child-molesting reptilian elites putting fluoride in our water. The point I’m trying to make is this:  don’t turn a blind eye to anything you hear. Don’t brush it off, and most importantly do not accept it right off the bat. We should all question everything from the first time we utter the greatest question ever asked; “why?” I pray for the day that the American people will wake up to the lies and propaganda right in front of their faces. The media corruption is not limited to only tv news, but also advertising.  The constant repetitive fucking in the ass of America by the airwaves filled with commercial about nonsensical products. None of us need anymore McDonald’s, Coca Cola, pizza rolls, Domino’s, or other fattening product that continues to dumb down our society. I pray for the day that we all wake up from the vicious cycle of abuse we are in by the corporate elites. I also want to make this very clear: the undermining of the press is the first step towards authoritarianism. As always, stay aware. Stay vigilant. 


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