Transgender Ban: True Motive?

Money is the blame, according to President Trump. Money is the reason for excluding a group from serving their country. But is money the true reason? Liberals of course speculate hatred against the trans community. Those in the LGBTQ community who supported him are of course feeling betrayed and understandably so. Conservatives and supporters say money or claim transgenders are synonymous with the mentally ill and tout their illness as reason for their incapacity to serve. One factor though seems to be nearly overlooked entirely: Obama. 
Let us not forget that Obama was the president who shut down “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and ultimately allowed transgenders to serve as easily as any other American. As we all know very well Trump and supporters have not shied away from their detesting of Obama policies. So one has to wonder, is this about money or mental illness? Or is it merely another attack on Obama accomplishments? 
Let’s look at money first. If the cost of treatment being covered by the military is truly a concern, then one has to take the medical coverage already being administered to other groups serving. Roughly $80 million a year is going to erectile dysfunction medicine. Transgender costs will total to roughly $8 million at the most. Of course there’s always the argument that these costs could be used for homeless veterans, but the military currently already prized erections over the homeless. 
Now, there is the argument of transgender individuals being mental ill. However, some considered as mentally ill are already permitted to serve in the military. One could easily point out that those with conditions such as ADHD are not permitted to serve. However, they are not altogether banned from service. No, there are specific exceptions. For ADHD, one only has to show they have functioned within the last year without medication. Some even reported that recruiters have followed “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to more serious issues as depression or bipolar disorder. Why would trans individual not follow the same protocol as someone with ADHD? Proof of no other serious mental condition and the ability to function as a sane individual should suffice. 
But let’s get down to what this really seems to be. A direct attack on Obama policy. Don’t mistake me for a partisan Obama hack, though. I am not a supporter of everything he did and also was not a Hillary voter, but this does not mean I can not spot hatred when it arises. Whatever the Trump administration puts out over twitter or via Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ mouth, do not hesitate to question. 


2 thoughts on “Transgender Ban: True Motive?

  1. Excellent post! I wrote about this topic also, but the one thing that I did not consider was that this is merely one more attempt to erase anything that President Obama did. You make a good case in point here.

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  2. I absolutely agree. This was prompted by all these, as well as him wanting to get the bill passed that contained funding for his border wall. Ironically, the tea partiers who originally brought up the subject of transgenders in the military were just looking to have treatments and surgeries banned. I think unknown aide said:”It’s like someone asked him to light a candle and he set fire to the whole table!”

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