We Need a New George Carlin

Comedy today is without a doubt in an amazing state. The world is witnessing a boom in stand up that is really unrivaled when compared to most eras. The return of Dave Chapelle paired with the consistency of Louis CK and an upcoming return to the stage by Chris Rock are ushering in an era of comedy gold. One personality is still missing, however.

Biting social satire that really crosses the lines that need to be crossed is uncommon today in mainstream media. Our world needs that comedian who is not afraid to push buttons and challenge mainstream ideas without fear of criticism. An art mastered by past comedians such as Carlin, Bill Hicks & Lenny Bruce. As Carlin once said, “Comedians are supposed to find the line, then cross it.” 

Today we have few minds like these legends. Sure we have a comedian in Doug Stanhope who is hilarious, rips society apart, and could even make an argument for one of the best ever. Then there is a guy like Joey Diaz who does not shy away from saying what he wants in his hilarious fashion. But their mainstream likability is really all but nonexistent. 

The stand up comedians we have in our mainstream atmosphere are the like of Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer and the mind numbingly annoying “Fluffy”. Now that’s not to say these comedians aren’t funny, it’s just that they lack the social commentary America needs. 

Political Correctness is without a doubt suspect number one in the murder of this style. The control of speech from the far left – and right – has become out of control. New wave liberals push to silence anything that’s “not right” while the right wants to thwart your criticism of what they hold dear: mostly God & flag. If Americans should value any one freedom above all others it should be the right to criticize all ideas. Who throughout our recent history has done that better than comedians? 

Comedians are our modern philosophers. That’s not to say Larry the cable guy should be synonymous with Socrates, but there are other comedians out there. Comedians with a true message that relevant to society and forward thinking. Our mainstream culture accepts these ideas, but not entirely. Our world desperately needs more Carlin, Bruce and Stanhope. We could do with a little less Hart, Schumer and “Fluffy.”


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