Absurdist, Dark Thoughts are Needed

My mind is often a dark, weird, and to me an often hilarious place. Tragedy often makes me laugh. When something “horrible” happens I tend to have the ability to find humor in it. Today one of those odd dark thoughts came across my mind. The death of Anna Nicole smith. Don’t ask why, my answer is no more than a shrug & “I don’t fucking know.” 

When Ms. Smith died I was a mere 11 years old, when my grasp on the world wasn’t enough to understand why everyone was so obsessed with this event. But looking back now, it would certainly not be divisive to say this was an odd time. There was this phenomenon going on where the majority of the country was lamenting on the death of a gold digger. This got me thinking. What if someone had come out the day of the death or a day after, and said, ” isn’t it weird that we are all tragically mourning the death of a gold digging whore?” 

Now, I do not want this to be taken as a direct quote of mine, but as a hypothetical situation. Hopefully this is not written glossed over or looked at as unimportant because truly it is. For sure to come out with this harsh observation does vast amounts of good. It allows sane thinkers to first of all go ‘okay this guy is a jerk and this is harmful rhetoric.’ Okay. But more importantly it opens the door to wider debate. Allowing us to take a step back and think ‘Okay well that’s slightly extreme but, certainly we can acknowledge she was a gold digger. Why are we praising her?’ These sort of ideas are definitely necessary. 

Today some of these more inflammatory comments are seen as merely that. However, they can be so much more. Recently I stumbled across a gem written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait titled “God Bless America.” While the title may suggest a theme that props up America, its true message is quite the contrary. Basically, it’s the story of a dying man in his late 40’s who is fed up with America’s ‘mean’ culture. To solve this issue he goes a killing spree where the victims are these he sees as the problem. Now as much as some of us may see ridding the world of the Kardashians as maybe beneficial to our prosperity, we know that’s not the route to take. However, Goldthwait’s movie does start a debate that need to take place.

Today’s political and social environment is flooded with identity politics and virtue signaling that tries to silence some comments. Attempts from the left to silence rhetoric of the right/opposing opinions is going to embolden rather than discredit. Peter Boghossian I believe said it best when he tweeted “When an environment is created that deters sincere people from asking questions, extremists will step in with the answers.” Free speech is vital to the strength of a nation and strengthening your own ideas. Free speech is the main component in critical thinking. 

Critical thinking is essential to a fully developed opinion. Without someone saying, “Islam doesn’t align with American values” as a response to your open borders proposal, you would never be able to realize flaws in your plan(this is just an example & not representative of my opinion). Open mindedness is key. Speech oppression strengthens not weakens.  Leftists need to realize that violent attacks do more harm than good. Challenging line by line of horrible views from someone like Richard Spencer is the right route to take. 

Liberals need to defend true liberal values in a manner that is more humane. By doing so, more can be accomplished. 


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